Alone in a room full of people

Have you ever felt alone despite being in a room full of people? Although I have not recently experienced that, I have in my past. As we enter our sixth week of "stay at home" protocol, I am finding the Covid-19 virus has entered my circle of friends. It does not surprise me rather saddens … Continue reading Alone in a room full of people


If you are looking for good news…

Several years ago I intentionally stopped watching news on.....


It will take an act of Congress to help patients…

It will take an act of Congress change to help Lymphedema  patients manage their condition. Lymphedema refers to swelling that generally occurs in one of your arms or legs. Sometimes both arms or both legs swell. But it can happen to any part of your body. Lymphedema is most commonly caused by the removal of or damage to … Continue reading It will take an act of Congress to help patients…


Struggling with the term “retired”

I am struggling with the term retired. The on-line dictionaries define the adjective retired as “left one’s job and cease to work.”  I prefer “having concluded one's working or professional career.” Even that does not suit me perfectly. I tried the thesaurus and that only served to make matters worse with words such as “aged, gone, … Continue reading Struggling with the term “retired”


“I know how to fall”….

It is Father's Day 2018 and my dad is celebrating for the first time without my mom.

Missing my mom….

I am missing my mom. It will be one year since her death this March 16th. It does not seem possible a year has almost passed. I am helping my dad with his taxes and as a result there are many reminders of a year ago and how much she was suffering during that time. … Continue reading Missing my mom….

I’m (no) angel…

You may call them angels, higher power, spirit guide or use no name at all, but some days we just need a little more help than other days.